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Tosca Course Overview

Through an ability to oversee advanced learning or auto Tosca tutorials, Selenium Training in Pune provides 24 hours of practical Tosca training. To support people to get the Tosca Automation Professional Certification, our interactive learning course for Tosca covers automation testing fundamentals and innovative features. You will be able to put all the abilities you learned during the Tosca certification course to use through two real-world projects. Our Experienced Test Automation Specialist (Tosca) Trainer will supervise your work. After the course, students can sign up with Selenium Training in Pune for more employment aid, resume writing, and practice interviews to prepare for the workforce.

What is Tosca?

One of the amazing and well-known computerized testing devices is the Tosca innovation device. It is used chiefly to discern actual results in applications with a broad scope.

The device has an unusual price but has an equal amount of desirable attributes. Tosca gives a good balance between show and element, which shows how much it cares.

Why Tosca training from Selenium Training in Pune?

Some of the most well-known experts in the Selenium Suite industry created this Tosca learning course in Pune. This Selenium Training in Pune aims to familiarize you with the applicability of the principles while also providing you with a thorough knowledge of the topics.

With the help of this Tosca automation training, you may advance your knowledge and abilities in the Selenium Software industry. This training course’s coursework has been carefully created to acquaint you with most of the foundational ideas in the Selenium sector. This Selenium training in Pune covers the Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid, TestNG, and other tools. Additionally, this training aids in your development of DevOps management skills.

The most widely used free and open source advancement programme that effectively automates the operation is called Selenium. At Selenium Training in Pune, we ensure that learners get the Tosca Online training, turn in the best projects, and understand the mechanical testers’ system utilizing the two major computer languages.

Overview of Tosca Automation Testing 

An innovative software solution called Tosca Test is used to automate test cases from beginning to end and ensure thorough maintenance of software applications. This tool’s design is based on the linear approach, and its features include a technique for test automation, test script design and generation of test data.

A reducing enterprise-level testing tool called Tosca makes it possible to optimize test cases at every level and produce thorough test analyses for application software. The linear technique was used in the creation of this programme. This tool’s model-based approach, which creates an Application Under Test model rather than an Analysis Automation Script, sets it apart from the competitors.

When providing any IT service nowadays, the IT sector requires quality and efficiency with the least amount of human work. For testing services, automation testing is becoming more and more crucial. To save time and effort for people, automation testing is a service that automates the testing procedure and scenarios. Most of the market was consumed by top automation tools, including QTP (UFT), RFT, and Selenium. Tosca is currently putting these tools to the test.

Level 1 Automation Specialists

Tosca automation begins with the Automation Specialists Level 1 training. The topics of automated test case creation, automation, and final performance are covered in the course. You must finish five automated GUI test cases built during the lessons before the course ends.

Level 2 Automation Specialists

The second stage of Tosca Automation is the Level 2 Automation Specialist training. You may learn the core skills of Tosca in this lesson and become a professional in API testing. Using test case templates will teach you how to write compelling test scenarios.

Level 1 Automation Engineer

Advanced automation is thoroughly examined in the Automation Engineer Level 1 course in Tricentis Tosca. This ensures that you will be a subject matter expert in automation whose knowledge will be crucial for solving complex test automation issues in your project. Students must use a mixture of technologies and unique execution features to solve complicated automation challenges.

Level 1 Test Design Specialist

For anyone who needs to build TestCases for any technique and upgrade existing TestSheets to a whole new level, the Test Design Specialist Level 1 Preparatory training is excellent.

Level 2 Test Design Specialist

For everyone who wants to use exterior, generated test data that is not included in Tosca or the equipment under test, Test Design Specialist Level 2 experience is required.

          With five separate sessions addressing how to manage the test findings, the Test Design Specialist Level 2 training builds on what you learned in the Automation Specialist courses. By including them in training exercises, the enhanced functionalities of Test Data Management will be well-explained and practised.

Level One SAP Testing Specialist

This training programme was specifically created for SAP Testing. It will introduce Tosca basics to novices and get them ready to automate SAP testing with a model-based testing methodology. By the completion of the term, you will be able to put your new knowledge to use and identify the best solutions for your SAP analysis.

Job opportunities after Tosca certification

Numerous factors contribute to the high market demand for the Tosca testing procedure. Only a small number of high-quality test automation solutions guarantee to deliver the correct result in a short amount of time. It is obvious that every tool yields outcomes. However, only a well-known tool guarantees to deliver good results quickly.

   With the help of Tosca tool training, aspiring candidates are eligible to apply for many job profiles in renowned companies. Tosca certification helps you to find your desiring job in this competitive world. A Tosca certifier offers job profiles like Tosca automation tester, Automation engineer, database specialist, Tosca Architect, Tosca test analyst etc., with exciting salary packages. 

Tosca certification overview

Tosca surpasses the boundaries of traditional tech testing techniques’ boundaries, achieving more than 90% test automation rates. This identifies Tosca as a true market champion. Testing is accelerated to keep up with Continuous delivery. Moreover, it enables long-term mechanization of industry-leading techniques, reduces debugging to just a few minutes, maximizes regeneration and manageability, supports digging deeper into the release’s danger, and more.

In Gartner’s Critical Capabilities for Software Test Automation Research, Tosca received the highest “Enterprise end-to-end Testing score.” Furthermore, we advise people to participate in the Tosca training online so they may arm themselves with the skills they need as software testing becomes more significant in the upcoming years. Contact Selenium Training in Pune to learn more about Tosca Trainings and Certifications in the IT Industry.

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The detailed syllabus is designed for freshers as well as working professionals

Course Contents

Tosca Test Engineer

  1. TOSCA TestSuite
  • TOSCA TestSuite Introduction.
  • Advantages of TOSCA over other Test Automation tools.
  • Download & Install TOSCA TestSuite
  • Test Process Flow in TOSCA TestSuite
  1. TOSCA Modules Section:
  • Create a new project in TOSCA.
  • Components of TOSCA TestSuite and TOSCA Commander.
  • Creation of Modules & Different ways to identify the object uniquely. – By properties, By Anchor, By image, By Index
  • Xmodules and Classic Modules
  • Standard Modules in TOSCA TestSuite
  • Module Rescan
  • Merge Modules
  • Various Module Attributes / Altering Properties of Module / Module attribute
  1. TOSCA Test Case Section:
  • Create & Execute Test Cases in TOSCA TestSuite
  • Set Browser & Close Browser
  • Test Case WorkState
  • Test Configuration Parameter
  • Control Groups
  • IF-ELSE, DO & WHILE Loops (Control Statements)
  • Reusable Teststep Block (RTB)/Library & Business Parameters
  • Synchronization:
  • Static wait
  • Dynamic Wait
  • Buffers in TOSCA:
  • Buffer
  • Xbuffer
  • Web Table Handling
  • Dynamic Expressions
  • Click operations
  • Keyboard commands
  • Various Action modes
  • Record and playback feature of TOSCA
  1. Execution List Section:
  • Different Ways to Execute Test Cases
  • ExecutionLists
  • Exception Handling – Recovery Scenario
  • Exception Handling – Cleanup Scenario
  1. Test Case Design Section (Data-Driven Testing):
  • Introduction to Data-Driven Testing, Importance of it.
  • Create TestSheet – Attributes & Instances
  • Generate Instances (Manual way & Automatically)
  • Create TestCase template, Link TestSheet to template & Instantiate.
  • Specify Conditions.
  • Create Data-Driven Test case from external excel sheet (Template in tricentis format)
  • Introduction to Class in TCD. Importance & Usage of Classes in TCD
  1. Requirements Management Section
  • Risk assessment via TOSCA Requirement section
  • Link TestCases to requirements
  • Link ExecutionLists to requirements
  1. Issues Section
  • Create Issues
  • Create Issues from Execution List
  1. Reporting Section
  • Test Execution Report generation


Well, it depends upon you. How fast do you want to learn it? An average learner can complete the course in 2-3 weeks. If you want to take it as a fast-track course, then the choice is yours.

Software with a license is called Tosca. The Tricentis staff provides Tosca with reliable client service. The help desk proposes the framework and provides a detailed definition of it.No coding is needed for Tosca. There is an object library available. There is built-in reporting in Tosca. They also offer a control panel where you may view other data like pie charts and timing graphs.

It is an order to speed that, among other things, teaches you how to automate and gives you firsthand exposure to various technologies that can be tested with a single tool. All QA testers should get training and practical experience with the tool. All forms of automation, including performance testing, RPA, and test automation, benefit significantly from using TOSCA. It has developed into a serious rival to tools for automation that use code, like Selenium.

It doesn’t need any coding skills, but if you need to modify the tool for object identification problems, etc., you’ll need a guy with architect-level knowledge of Vc++. 

Several companies like Accenture, Wipro, Bank of America, Toyota, Infosys etc., are using Tosca for Automation.

You gain a business advantage by showcasing your credentials and experience with Tosca certification training. With Selenium Training in Pune’s comprehensive, top-notch certification programme, businesses will recognize your marketplace competence right away.

Software development system Tosca facilitates testing. Automating testing with this programme saves a massive proportion of project time for bug repairs. Applications can be examined in their entirety. This can be applied to two different testing types:
– Risk-focused testing
– Model-based testing.

Potential candidates should understand the idea of monitoring and reporting. All places have a large number of open positions. Because it advances your career to new heights, Tosca certification is priceless.

There are no requirements for learning Tosca; nevertheless, if you are familiar with IT, you will master it accurately and thoroughly. If not, you will still need to build from zero, which will take a bit of time before you are a Tosca specialist.

The sole prerequisite is that you may have some IT knowledge, but without that, it won’t be a problem because Tosca can be learned. On your journey to becoming a Tosca expert, our trainers will be there to support you and solve any problems that may come up.

You will learn the following ideas in the Tosca Training.

The WEB Based Scenario for the project will be streamlined.

Automation Review for Advanced Level Single Basic to TOSCA Master Information gained about SalesForce, SAP, and other API-based apps. Testing of the application is automated from beginning to end.

To apply for opportunities as a developer or expert at Tosca, complete the TOSCA application.

You will learn:

capturing situations

Section on Essential Concepts TestCaseDesign Concepts Module Section Concepts

You can contribute to the TINY PROJECT by giving some examples to support your arguments.

Yes, we accept installment payments for courses. Together, you and our team will design a payment plan that enables you to pay the costs whenever convenient.


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